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Brand story

Our journey into printing started while planning our wedding sometimes in 2010. My wife and I witnessed first-hand the disappointments and hardships many people go through in the hands of printers when they needed something to be printed on demand and to be deliver on time.

This service failure was due to mostly the analogue nature of printing then: from design to lithography, impression to finishing, packaging to delivery.

From 2010 till 2012, we researched with our team how we could help people get their wedding printing packs designed, printed and delivered on time without facing disappoints or delays.

By 2013, we discovered Direct Image machines (Digital Printing) as one of the many ways into fast printing and delivery. We made our first investment into DI and Copiers (Business Centre) and we networked with about three warehouses in Lagos to secure our supplies and consumables.

Our plan was to have our own digital press by the year 2020 (thus our trading name: 2020plus). We launched our first digital press consisting DI machines and Large format machines in 2018 at the ever busy UTC complex, Area 10, Garki – Abuja.

Due to our golden value of service to our customers, we were able to grow our customer base rapidly and we presently have four digital presses (print shops) with the latest state of the art equipment which enables us to take on any type of printing job.

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Our Vision

To be the Market Leader in our Industry and Locality

Our Mission

To brand and market our clients better through premium printing services delivered on time, all the time!

Our Promise

We use our God given talents to become widely recognized for our innovation, client loyalty and unwavering integrity. We build our business by challenging the traditional norms of print and marketing media.


We are constantly evolving to meet the demands of our clients. We have earned a reputation as specialty Plastic I.D card printers for National Social Investment Programmes (NSIP) of the Federal Government of Nigeria and we have many other advanced technology and concepts to offer to our clients.

Our core values

People first… Operating with Integrity… Giving Back to Society

People first

We value all people treating them fairly, respectfully and in accordance with the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12)

Client focus

We seek to make customers successful by understanding their needs and challenges, treating them as our business partners

Embracing change

We understand that we must continually adapt to the ever changing demands of our industry and the marketplace.


Our target market are businesses and organizations in and around our communities, making every business a potential customer.

We make printing fun for our customers through beautiful and creative designs and fast delivery through innovative technologies.

We are a premium, one-stop custom print and promo shop proudly serving Abuja and beyond for years. From large format digital prints to packaging and promotional products, our experts are ready to turn your project into a thing of beauty. We provide our customers with full digital printing services.

Over 1000 customers visit
Over 200 job executed
Over 3000 prints per day
Over 5,000 prospects reached Monthly
More than 15 States Government Jobs Executed
A Federal Government Accredited Printer (NCTO)

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